How to: Use DB Templates

Web Cube allows you total control over every aspect of your web presence.  To control the way your templates look and feel, you will have to use the DBTemplates application.

1. First, click on the CMS Tab:


2.  Then you can search for "dbtemplates" by typing into the menu search box.  The Dbtemplates app will be highlighted in the left menu, pick "Templates" from just under the Dbtemplates menu.


3.  This will take you to a list of DBTemplates that are currently available in your system.

4.  Choose the template you would like to edit.  For our purposes, we will edit the webcube base template, by clicking on the name of the template.


5.  You will see that the template's body is written in HTML and shows special Django template tags.  See the Django Template Documentation for more information about how the logic and markup work together.


6.  After you've made the changes you like, click "Save and Continue Editing" 


7.  Finally, consult the customer-facing page to ensure that your change looks the way you expect.  


You'll see that just adding markup causes the text to appear, but you cannot yet control the color of the text.  We'll cover that in using "CSS Files with your Templates".

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