How to: Add Media

Web Cube allows you to upload any media for use on your site.  This can include images, javascript, css or other files.  No FTP access is needed!  To do this, you can use the Media Upload application.

First, go to Web Cube and click on the CMS tab:


Then, enter "media" into the menu search box.  You'll see the menu collapse to just the things that look like media uploads.


Click on "Media Uploads"  and you will see a list of currently available media on your site.  Just Click "Add Uploaded File" and you'll be taken to the "New Media Upload" page.


Fill out the information and choose a file from your desktop.  I'm uploading a picture of some pandas.


Click "Save," then you will see the changelist for media uploads.  


On this page, you'll see a link, usable on your own site that refers to the media you have just uploaded.  You can also copy and paste the "Embed Code" into flat pages or dbtemplates.




Click on the link to verify that this is the image that you expected:


You can use the "Add Media" tool along with DBTemplates to edit the look and feel of your site with HTML and CSS!

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