How to: Handle legacy URLs

If you migrated to Web Cube from a different platform it's very likely that users are still trying access some of the old URLs. To fix this Web Cube keeps track of all the legacy URLs the users are still trying to access and allows the creation of redirects to the appropriate URLs. 


To see a list of legacy URLs your users are still trying to access go to:


1. Click on the CMS tab.

Screen Shot 2013-01-10 at 11.45.16 AM.png


2. Click on the SEO then on the Page not founds menu items.



3. To see the legacy URLs with the most hits click on the Hits table header to sort the records in descending order. For more details click on the URL of your interest.



4. This is the legacy URL your users are still trying to access.



5. Specify a redirect URL. This is the URL where your users will be redirected next time they will use the legacy URL.



6. Ignore is used to help filter the records when using the administration interface.



7. This will create a search engine friendly redirect with the HTTP 301 status code.



8. This represents the number of times the legacy URL was accessed.



9. If checked the redirect will ignore any GET parameters. 



10. This specifies the site used by the legacy URL.



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