How to: Create a Gift Card


A gift card product is simply a regular product with its skus associated to a Gift Card SKU. When the user purchases one of these skus, a unique Gift Card code is generated. The user can then give this gift card to a family/friend to be used on future purchases.

In order to create a Gift Card Product, follow these steps:

a) Create a SKU as usual.

b) Create a Product as usual.

c) Create a Gift Card SKU and and associate it with the SKU created at step a) .


1. Click on the eCommerce tab.

Screen Shot 2013-01-11 at 11.50.31 AM.png
2. Click on the Gift Cards then on the Gift card skus menu items.
3. A list of created gift cards will be displayed.
4. Click on the Add gift card sku to create a gift card.
5. This is the form for creating a gift card.
6. Click on the magnifying glass to select the SKU for this gift card.
7. Select a currency.
8. Provide an amount for this gift card.
9. You may add a code prefix to have all the gift cards generated from this start with the same prefix.
10. Do not change the Purchased Gift Cards field. It is only for reference.
11. Save.
Now, when the user purchases the product, a new gift card is generated, and an automated email is sent to the user with the gift card code.
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