How to: Create a product discount that excludes certain product categories

This tutorial will go through the steps of creating a product discount that excludes certain product categories.

First, create a coupon code as described in the first part of this tutorial then from the same ( "Add coupon") page add a product discount following the steps below.


1. Click on the Add another Product Discount button.


2. A new product discount form will show on the page.


3. Write a short description for the product discount. This will be the description of the discount displayed in the cart.


4. Enter a discount value. The discount value depends on the Discount type that will be selected in the drop down field just below this form field.


5. There are three types discount:

a. The Percentage discount type provides a percentage off the product price. For example if the value in the Discount field is set to 50 and the price of the product added to the cart is $20 then the customer will receive a $10 discount on that specific product which is 50% off the initial price.

b. The Fixed price discount type sets the product’s price to the value set in the Discount field. For example if the Discount field value is set to 10 then the product price at the checkout will be set to $10.

c. Absolute discount type represents the dollar amount off the product price. For example if theDiscount value is set to 5 the and product added to the cart costs $20 then the final product price will become $15.


6. The priority field sets the discount priority. The value 0 is the highest priority. Discounts with the higher priority will be processed first.


7. If Stop other discounts is checked no other discounts will be applied after this discount.


8. Limit per order sets the limit on how many times the discount can be applied per order. If for example the limit is set to 1, the discount will only be applied to one product in the shopping cart. If the value is set to 0, the discount will be applied on all the products added in the shopping cart.



9. To create a product discount that is applied to all but certain product categories from the Rules section select "If ALL are FALSE of the following".



10. From the subcondition drop down list select the productcategory option then click on the Add link.



11. Select a product category to excluded.



12. Click on the Add link to add more product categories.



13. Save.


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