How do I customize the home page?

To customize the home page we need to load the webcube/index.html template into the DB Templates. For more information about DB Templates click here.


1. Click on the CMS tab.




2. Click on the Templates menu items.



3. Write webcube/index.html in the Name text field.



4. Leave the Content text box empty. This will be populated with the content from the webcube/index.html template found on the file system. 



5. Select the sites where this template should be active. Hold down Control, or Command on Mac, to select more than one site then click on the blue arrow to move your selection to the Chosen sites column.



6. Click on the Save and continue editing button.



7. The Content text box will be populated with the content from webcube/index.html found on the file system.



8. To customize the home page edit the content between the {% block content %} {% endblock %} template tags.


For more information regarding the Call To Actions (CTAs) click here.

To find out more about Key Texts click here


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