Customizing Email Messages Sent by the System

Every time there is a change to the customer's account or order Web Cube sends notification email messages to customers.

This article will show you where to go and change the content and  the look and feel of those email messages. 


1. Click on the CMS tab.

Screen Shot 2013-07-08 at 11.59.16 AM.png


2. Click on the Emails menu item.



3. This list shows all preloaded email messages currently used by the system.



4. To change the content of one of those messages click on one of the links found under the key column.



5. The Key is used to identify a specific email message. It's recommended not to change the key for the preloaded email messages.



6. The Title doubles as the subject line of the email that is sent to the customer.



7. This is the email address that is shown to the customer when receiving the email.



8. This is a template for the email message.



9. Select the sites where this email message will be used.



10. Select to activate this message.



12. Click the Show link to display the advanced options.



13. By default the system will use flatemails/default.txt as s template but a custom template can be also specified.



14. Beneath the main content, there are Alternative Content objects.  These are used to store the HTML representation or other representations of the email.  When an email is sent, it is a multipart document.  That means that the plain text version and the HTML version can both be sent, and the email client (gmail, outlook, etc) can then decide which version of the content to present.  



15. The Content can be written using HTML or Markdown.



16. This tells the system that the alternative email content will be HTML.



17. This sets the HTML template used for this email.



18. Add an email address in the To field to receive a copy of every email when the system is using this email template. Click on the Add another Recipient Email button to add another email address.



19. Add an email address in the BCC field to receive a copy of every email as BCC when this email template is used by the system. Click on the Add another Bcc Email button to add another email address.


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