Product discounts

This tutorial will show how to create various types of product discounts which apply to product line items when a coupon is used by the customer. 




Since the customer needs to enter a coupon code to receive a discount the first main step is to create a coupon followed by the creation of discounts. 


Create a coupon


1. For that click on the Shop tab.



2. Click on the Discounts / Coupons the on the Coupons menu items.



3. Click on the Add Coupon button.



4. Provide a Name for this coupon.



5. A coupon code is automatically generated but a custom code can be added. This is the code that needs to be used by the customers during the checkout process.



6. Write a description.



7. Various rules can be applied to the coupon. 



9. For example we can create a coupon that's available only to the United States customers by selecting the ordercountry option from the subcondition dropdown, clicking on the Add link and then selecting the country from the dropdown list. 




10. We can select the Can be combined option if we want to allow the customers to combine this coupon with other coupons during the checkout. 



11. We can also set a minimum number of items that need to be added to the cart for the customers to be able to use the coupon.



12. To set a limit on the number of times this coupon can be used we can enter a value in the "Max uses" text field. To set no limits we can leave the text field bank.



13. To set a limit on the number of time this coupon can be used based on customer's credit card we can set a value in the Max uses per card text field.



14. Set values in the Active date text fields to activate this coupon at a specific date and time.



15. Set values in the Expiration date text fields to deactivate the coupon a specific date and time.



16. From the list, select on which sites this coupon can be used.




Create a Product Discount


17. Now that we have a coupon created let's create a Product Discount



18. Write a short description. This description will be displayed in the cart right under the product being discounted.



19. Provide the discount value.



20. Select the discount type from the dropdown list.

The Percentage option will provide a percentage off the product price.

If the Fixed Price option is selected then the products will be discounted by the value we set in the Discount text field. For example if the Discount value is set to 10 and the product costs $25 then the final (discounted) product price will be $25(product price) - $10 ( the fixed price).

If the Absolute option is selected then the final product price will become the value we set in the Discount text filed. For example if the product cots $25 and the value we set in the Discount text files is 10 then the final (discounted) price will become $10.


21. Set the priority for this discount. Discounts with higher priority will be processed first.



22. Checkmark if no other discounts should be applied after this one.


23. This sets how many items will be discounted per order. If the value is set to 0 then there is no limit.



24. Next section is where we set the conditions that need to be met for customers to be able to benefit from this discount.



25. Select a subcondition from the dropdown list. For example to apply the discount only to specific SKUs select the skulist option then click on the Add link.



26. Add the SKUs for the items to be discounted, separated by commas.



27. Save.

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