Shipping Discounts

This tutorial will show you how to create a Shipping discount.


First lets create a coupon code. Creating a coupon code does not automatically provide a discount. The discount information needs to be provided separately, and that's exactly what we are going to do after first completing the coupon code information.

Also it's worth noting that multiple discounts can be associated with the same coupon code.


Creating a coupon


1. For that click on the Shop tab.



2. Click on the Discounts / Coupons the on the Coupons menu items.



3. Click on the Add Coupon button.



4. Provide a Name for this coupon.



5. A coupon code is automatically generated but a custom code can be added. This is the code that will be used during the checkout process.



6. Write a description.



7. Various rules can be applied to the coupon. 



9. For example if we need this coupon to become active just to the customers from US select ordercountry option from the subcondition dropdown, click on the Add link and select the country from the dropdown list. As a side note, similar rules can be applied when creating the discount (which will be covered shortly).




10. Check the Can be combined option if this coupon can be combined with other coupons during the checkout.



11. We can also specify a minimum amount of items that has to be added to the cart to qualify for this coupon.



12. To set a limit on the amount of times this coupon can be used, set a value in the Max uses text field. For unlimited usage leave the textfield blank.



13. To set a limit on the amount of times this coupon can be used based on the customer's credit card, set a value in the Max uses per card text field. For unlimited usage leave the text field blank.



14. To activate this coupon a desired date and time set a value in the Active date text fields.



15. To deactivate this coupon at a desired date and time set a value in the Expiration date text fields.



16. Select the sites where this coupon will become active.



Creating a Shipping Discount


17. Now that we have a coupon code let's create an Shipping Discount



18. Write a short description. This will will be displayed during the checkout process.



19. Set the discount value. 



20. Select the Discount type from the dropdown list. Percentage will provide a percentage off the shipping fee. The Fixed Price option will will discount the shipping option by the value set int the Discount text filed. For example if the shipping rate is set to $15 and the discount value is set to $5 then the final shipping fee will $15 (shipping fee) minus $5 (fixed price discount) which ends up to be the value of $10. The Absolute option will set the shipping fee to the value set in the Discount text field. For example if the shipping fee is set to $15 and the discount value is set to $5 then the final shipping fee will become $5.



21. Next we set the conditions that need to be met for this discount to become active. In this example we want to provide free shipping (100% off) for the UPS ground shipping method.



22. Select the subcondition from the dropdown list then click on the Add link. 



23. Select the shipping method to be discounted.



24. Save.

Screen Shot 2013-07-17 at 12.03.20 PM.png


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