Affiliate Banners

This tutorial will show you how to upload affiliate banners that can be used by your affiliates to generate sales.


Your affiliates can access the affiliate banners by following the steps below:

1. Once the affiliate is logged in the fist step is to click on the Account link which is usually located in the web site header.



2. On the left side, under the Affiliates section click on the Affiliate Banners.



3. On this page your affiliates will be able to select the available affiliate banners and copy the affiliate codes which can be used on the affiliate's web site(s) of newsletters and generate generate sales.



What are affiliate banners?

Affiliate banners are advertising images that can be used by your affiliates to generate sales for your web site. The banners contain special codes that track the sales generated by the affiliates.


Now we will demonstrate the steps required to upload a banner which will show to your affiliates.

1. Click on the Shop tab.



2. Click on the Affiliates then on Banners menu items.



3. Click on the Add banner button.



4. Provide a Name for this banner.



5. Checkmark if this banner should be displayed to the front end users.



6. Provide the banner's width in pixels.



7. Provide the banner's height in pixels.



8. This is the link where the users are going to be directed to when clicking on the banner.



9. Click on the Choose File button to upload the image for the banner.



10. Also a SWF file can be used for the banner. Click on the Choose File button to upload a file from your computer.



11. Set the Order in which the banner will be shown. Banners with lower values will be shown first on the affiliate's banner page.



12. Save.

Screen Shot 2013-07-17 at 12.03.20 PM.png

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