How to: Modify an order

This tutorial will guide you through the steps of modifying an pending order.



Fulfilled orders can't be modified using the order modification process described below. For more information on how to processes a returned item please read the article located at the links below:

How to: Process a returned item


1. From the order management page click on the Modify Order link found at the top of the page.



2. Click on the magnifying glass icon to select and add more items (SKUs) to the order. To remove an item (SKU) from the order select the checkbox located under the Remove table column and when ready to move to the next order modification step click on the Submit button .



3. By default the customer number who placed the order will be displayed but if we need to allocate this order to a different customer we can click on the magnifying glass icon and select or create a new customer. Normally we keep the same customer number so to go to the next step we need to click on the Submit button.



4. Change the shipping information if necessary then click on the Continue button to advance to the next step.



5. Change the Shipping Method if necessary.



6. Add additional fees (e.g. custom fees) if required then click on the Submit button.

If a customer forgot to add the coupon code during the checkout a discount can be added on behalf of the customer by using a negative amount and a short description/name. For example if the discount is called 10% off all summer products we can write this description in the Name text field then add a negative value (i.e. -34.5) in the Amount text field.



7. Select the Payment Method. Click on the Use prior auth option to use the existing credit card authorization for this transaction then click on the Submit button.

If the current order amount is greater then the amount authorized then the current credit card authorization can't be used and the customer needs to be contacted for new credit card information.




8. Upon successful completion, a message will be displayed at the top of order page.


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