Gift Cards

Gift cards are simply regular products with regular SKUs, the only difference is that we need to be setup the SKUs to behave as Gift Cards.

When the customer purchases a Gift Card, a unique Gift Card code is generated and emailed to the customer. Then the customer can send the gift card code to family/friends where it can further be used for making purchases on the web site.

Creating Gift Cards is a three step process. The first two steps are similar to creating products with multiple options. The last step is specific to creating Gift Cards which practically tells the system that the SKUs used for the product are actually Gift Cards which should trigger the creation of Gift Card codes.

a) Create a SKU as usual.

b) Create a Product as usual and associate the SKUs with the product as product options.

c) Create a Gift Card SKU and and associate it with the SKU created at step a) .


1. Click on the Shop tab.



2. Click on the Gift Cards and Gift card skus menu items.



3. Click on the Add gift card sku button.



4. Click on the magnifying glass icon to select the SKU for this gift card.



5. Select the currency from the dropdown list.



6. Set the amount for this gift card.



7. You may add a code prefix to have all the gift cards generated from this start with the same prefix.



8. Do not change the Purchased Gift Cards field. It is only for reference.



9. Save.

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