Address Validation

During the checkout process, shipping addresses can verified using an address validator. Using this feature could eliminate some user errors and improve the overall customer experience.

This tutorial will show you how to activate the address validator for your eCommerce site.


1. Click on the Settings tab.



2. Click on Store Configurations menu item.



3. Click on Add configuration button.


4. Click on Address Validation link.



5. Select the Site where this Address validation feature will become active.



6. Select the Validator service from the dropdown list. If you are selecting UPS or FedEx validators please make sure the API integration with these service providers have been setup. If you are selecting the Simple Address Validation option no extra steps need to be taken.



7. Checkmark to allow the customer address override.



8. Save.

Screen Shot 2013-06-24 at 11.51.33 AM.png


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