How to: Make products show on sale

In this tutorial we will make products with multiple options show on sale where the old price is crossed out and the sale price will show in a prominent color as depicted in the screenshot below.




1. Every product has a number of SKUs associated with it. The fist step is to change the SKU prices to reflect the sale price. For example if the product should sale now for $60 instead of $70 change the SKU price to $60.


2. Then next step is to set the product's Retail Price. For that open the product with multiple options that needs to be shown as on sale.


3. Locate the Product prices section and click on the Show link.



4. Under the Retail price column add the regular retail value which should be grater than the value shown in the price column.

For this particular example (at step 1) we set the SKU (sale) price to $60 and the retail price to $70 which will make the product page show the Retail Price in black with a line through and the SKU (sale) price in red.



5. When done, Save

Screen Shot 2013-06-20 at 1.04.27 PM.png

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    Jodie Howard

    This does not work for simple products.  I have tried numerous times and its strikes out the sale price and puts the regular price on sale!  Just another web cube glitch it seems.

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