Getting started: With shipping

If you are just getting stated with setting up your web site and you need to setup the shipping please follow the steps below. If you need help or if you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact our customer support.


1. If you are using a shipping quote provider to calculate the shipping rates during the checkout process, the first step is to connect your Web Cube installation to your shipping quote provider. The two articles below show you how to integrate with the USPS or UPS APIs. 

Setting up the USPS integration

How to: Setup real time UPS shipping rates calculation via the UPS API


2. Next we need to setup the shipping options. If using the flat shipping rates please read the article below:

Shipping Options | Flat Shipping Rates 

If you are using a shipping quote provider please read the article below which exemplifies how to setup UPS shipping options: 

How to: Setup UPS shipping options 


3. We also need to setup the shipping boxes that will be used to ship the items. The box dimensions are used to calculate the shipping rates.

Shipping Boxes


4. Next we need to setup the Shipping configuration :

Shipping configuration


5. During the checkout process the shipping address can be verified by an address validator. Please read the article below on how to setup the address validation:

Address Validation


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