How to: Create preferred customer accounts

This tutorial will show you how to create preferred customer accounts which can be used to create pricing tailored for those customers. The preferred customers can access the product pages as your regular customers but they will need to be logged in to benefit from the special pricing.


1. Create a customer group for your preferred customers. Click here for more information on how to create customer groups.


2. Go to each SKU and select the Tiered Pricing option from the "Price class" dropdown.

     a) First create a price tier for your regular customers by selecting the Authenticated Customers and Public Customers from the Groups list.


    b) Then create a price tier for your preferred customers by selecting the Preferred Customers.


 Click here to read more about tiered pricing.

4. The next step is to create an user account for your preferred customer. Once created provide your customers with the user name and the password for their user account.


Click here for more information on how to manage user accounts.

5. Create a customer account. This is the step where the user account just created is associated with a customer account.



The "Groups" section should show the group for your preferred customers. Make sure that customer group is selected. 


Click here for more information on how to create customer accounts. 


6. Test. Login as a regular user and as a preferred customer and make sure the correct prices are displayed.

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