How to: Process an order

This tutorial will show you how to process an order using the Order Management System (OMS).


1. To access the Order Management System first click on the Shop tab then on the Order Fulfillment menu item.



2. In the Order Fulfillment section enter the order number to be processed then click on the Go button.



3. In the Status section enter the UPC for the items to be shipped then click on the Enter UPC button.



Alternatively, click on the Check Off buttons to mark those items as added to the shipment.



4. Click on the button saying Click here to send order to WorldShip. Click on this button even if you don't have integration with WorldShip or if you are using another shipping provider.



5. Enter the shipping tracking number then click on the submit button. The shipping tracking number will be provided by the shipping system/provider used by your organization.



6. In the Status:Ready to Carge section click on button called Click here to ship and charge this order.



At this step the user is notified via email that the order has been shipped. Also the credit card payment is captured.


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