Abandoned Cart Report

This tutorial will show you how to create an abandoned cart report and how to calculate the cart abandonment rate.


To create an Abandoned cart report:

1.  Click on the Reports tab.



2. Click on the Abandoned Cart Report menu item.



3. Set the dates for your report.



4. Click on the Request Report button.



5. To see your report click on the View Report link.



6. To download the report in CSV format click on the CSV link.



To calculate the cart abandonment rate divide the amount of abandoned carts by the amount of total carts (which is the abandoned carts plus the successful carts). The the successful carts is the number of orders placed for the selected time interval.

( abandoned carts ) / ( abandoned carts + successful carts) = cart abandonment rate


Various companies have done studies on the cart abandonment rate and currently the average e-commerce shopping cart abandonment rate is 67.91%. For more information please read the article below:



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