Tiered Pricing

There are two types of pricing that can be associated with SKUs, flat pricing and tiered pricing. When using flat pricing the prices don't change, regardless of the quantities ordered or customer group(s) placing the order. To create more flexible pricing, tiered pricing can be used instead.

This tutorial will show you how to create tiered prices for your SKUs. This tutorial assumes that you have a SKU created and you just need to create tiered pricing. For more information on how to create SKUs click here.


1. To create tiered pricing for your SKUs first select Tiered Pricing from the Price Class dropdown.



2. Checkmark the Universal option to have this pricing applied to all customer groups.



3. Select the customer groups to which this price will be applied.



4. Set the minimum amount of items the customer needs to add to the cart for this pricing to become available.



5. Set the maximum quantity of items that can be ordered at this price.



6. Next, let's set the price.



7. Then let's select the currency.



8. To add more price tiers click on the Add another Field Entry link and repeat the process but with other settings and values.


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