Importing Products

Step 1 - Import your SKUs

SKUs are the building block for all Web Cube products. SKU stands for Stock Keeping Unit. Each SKU corresponds to an item that can be ordered, put in a box, and shipped.

SKUs are imported from a CSV file. This file must have the following format:

name, sku, upc, active, taxable, allow_backorder, final_sale, tax_code

In addition to the above columns, you can have attribute_* columns which correspond to custom attributes in your implementation. For example, if you add a column called


You will create a custom attribute on the SKU called 'special_code'.


Example SKU Import

Step 2 - Import SKU Prices

Once your SKUs are imported, you can import the prices for your SKUs. Only flat prices can be imported automatically. For tiered prices, you need to either manually update the SKU or contact Web Cube support. The SKU import requires the following format:

sku, price, currency


Example Price Import

Step 3 - Import Inventory Levels

Now, you can import inventory levels - this is the amount of product you have at each warehouse. The format for this CSV is as follows:

warehouse, sku, quantity, always_in_stock, low_inventory_threshold


Example Inventory Import

Step 4 - Import Products

Now that SKUs are completely imported, you can import products. Products are the "packaging" around SKUs. Products have descriptions, images, a list of available options. The product import has the following required format:

slug, sku, option1, option2, option3, description, order, style, category, 
product_name, product_option1, product_option2, product_option3, product_description

In addition, there are some flexible fields,




For instance,


would create a custom attribute called "code" on each product and populate that value with the column's contents.


would relate one product to the current line item.


Example Product Import

Step 5 - Import Product Images

Finally, it's time to upload the Product Images. To do this, you name the image files in a specific way, put them all into a zip file, then upload them here. Web Cube knows how to handle each file by looking at how it is named so you need to name the file in a very specific way:


Stylecode is the style code for the product - this must be the same as the style value from the CSV in step 4.

Each option (option1, option2, option3) is the value for the given option field from the import product step. None of these values are required for the filename to be valid, but they are used to attach the image to the given option. The order is the order that the option image should appear. This should be a number. This portion of the filename is required.

Here are some example file names:



Example Media File Upload

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