How to: Use Fullfillment Integration to Update Inventory

This tutorial will show you how to use an 846 EDI file to update the inventory in web cube. To do this go to Settings > Fulfillment Integrations and click on the Add Fulfillment Integration button.


1. Provide a name for your integration.


2. Select the Active action to activate this integration.


3. Schedule when when to run this integration.


4. Provide the location for your 846 EDI file. In this case the EDI file will be pulled from an FTP server.


5. Select Pull Updated Inventory from the Action dropdown.


6. Since our EDI file is located on an FTP server select the FTP option from the Transport dropdown.


7. To parse the inbound data we need to specify a parser. In this case the file is an EDI file so will select the X12 EDI Parser from the dropdown.


8. In the Transport config text box we can provide optional configuration parameters related to the transport. The transaction_code EDI Transaction Code, the default code is 856. If a has_wildcard is specified, a URI can be entered with a "*", and the first pulled match will be processed (pull actions only).



9. Next we need to specify the parser options.

The mapping option is for the fields parsed from EDI. This includes the line header (e.g. PRF), the 1-based index if there are more than one, and the column index, e.g. PRF-1-1. The value is the key to specify for the action. For example {"PRF-1-1":"order_id","MAN-1-2":"tracking"} will result in the required [{"order_id":"123","tracking":"ABC"}] required to process ASNdefault {"PRF-1-1":"order_id","MAN-1-2":"tracking"}

use_sequence if present, allows the specification of a sequence of items to process. e.g. ["LIN","QTY"]


10. Now, let's configure the Action options.

use_upc if present, indicates that we are importing based on UPC, not SKU.

default_warehouse is the warehouse id to import the inventory in to. If not specified the default id is 1.


11. In this case the payload template is not needed.


12. Set an email address where notifications will be send.


13. Set the type of notification to be sent to the manager.


14. Save.



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