How to: Create a form

With Web Cube you can create forms without writing any code. This tutorial will show you how to create a simple Contact Us form with fields for First Name, Last Name and Comments.




How to: Create a form


1. Click on the CMS tab.

Screen Shot 2013-07-03 at 3.08.54 PM.png



2. Click on the Forms menu item.



3. Click on the Add managed form button.



4. Write a Title for your form.



5. The Slug used to construct the URL for this form.  


After saving the form information, the form can be reviewed by using the the View on site link located at the upper right side of the page.  This will also show the URL that was created for the form which can be used to link to from other sections of the web site.



6. Checkmark the Active option to activate this form.



7. Drop date is used to set a date and time when this form will become visible to your users.



8. To deactivate the form at a specific date and time set the desired values in the End date text fields.



9. Set the URL for the Success page. This is the page where your users will be redirected upon successful completion of this form. Success pages can be created using the Pages feature.



10. Into text is the text displayed at the top of the form which informs your uses about the purpose of this form.



11. To use a custom template for this form enter the template name in Template text field. Leave this text field blank to use the default template which is frommamager/default.html.



12. This is the template used when exporting form entries. Leave this field blank to use the default CSV template.



13. Enter an email address in the CC email field to have all the form entries emailed to the specified email address.



14. Select the sites where this form will become visible.



15. Now that we have all the main information for the form let's add a few form fields.

The first form field we are going to create is for the First Name. 



16. Set a key for this field. The key is used by the system to identify this form field.



17. From the dropdown list select the filed Type. I this case we will select the Single Line Input option. 



18. If this field is required which means that it must have a value before the form is submitted, checkmark the Required option.



19. Checkmark the Active option to activate this form field.



20. If needed set a default value for this form field.



21. Set the order in which this filed will be shown on the form. Field with lower values will show first.



22. The Extra text box is used for example to create the choices for a Choice form fields or to create error messages when for example the user is entering an unexpected value. Read the information under this text box for more information.



23. Next let's add the information for the second (Last Name) form field. We set the order value to number 2 since we want this field to be displayed second in the form.



24. Now let's add the information for the third (Comments) field which is a text box. To make this field a text box we selected Multiline Input from the Type dropdown. We also set the order value to 3 to have this field show the third in the form.



25. To add more field use the Add another Managed Form Field button.



26. Web hooks can be used to send the form data to third party systems like SalesForce, MailChimp, etc.



27. Save.

Screen Shot 2013-06-24 at 11.51.33 AM.png


Where are the form entries located?

How to: Export form entries in CSV format

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