How to: Create forms in Web Cube from MailChimp lists

Forms can be automatically generated based on MailChimp lists. Once the form is created in Web Cube all the form submission entries are automatically sent to MailChimp. Before getting started please make sure the MailChimp integration has been setup.


1. Click on the Settings tab then on the Mailchimp Integration menu items.



2. If in Web Cube we have a form with same name as the one that we are just going to import from MailChimp then we need to select the Overwrite existing option.



3. Select an MailChimp list from the dropdown list. The list information is pulled from MailChimp via the MailChimp API.



4. Click on the Submit button to create a form based on a MailChimp list.



5. To see the form just created click on the  CMS tab then on the Forms menu item. 



6. To see the actual form that is presented to your users click on View on site link.



7. As mentioned all the form entries created using this form will be automatically sent to MailChimp.


For more information on managed forms please read Where are the form entries located? and How to: Create a form.


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