How to: Use webhooks to send form entry data to third party systems

Web hooks can be used to send form data to third party systems using GET or POST methods.

In this tutorial we will illustrate how a simple contact form can be setup to send form entry data to a desired endpoint via a GET method. To the web hooks we need to open the form page via the administration interface, as depicted in the screenshot below.


Screen Shot 2014-07-02 at 3.08.44 PM.png


All the way to the bottom of the page there is a section dedicated to setting up Webhook endpoints.


In the Destination field we entered the URL where the form information will be sent. Next we need to set how many times should the system try to resend the form data. Then we need to specify the method, which can be POST or GET.

Web Hooks do not impact page-load performance for the end user, because they are sent asynchronously in a process separate from the web server.

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