Meta Data URLs

Meta Data URLs is used to add meta data to a page on your web site which can be done by specifying the URL for that page. Having the correct meta data is important for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and it can be added to content pages that normally don't have a Meta Data Objects section (i.e. Pages, Info Pages, FAQs etc.).

For this example, let's add meta data to an About Us page which normally is created using either Pages or Info Pages both which don't have a Meta Data Objects section. Our About Us page is located at so let's get started.


1. Click on the CMS tab.



2. Click on the Meta Data Urls from the SEO menu.



3. Click on Add Meta Data Url button.



4. Now let's add the URL for our page.



5. Select the site where the meta data will be used.



6. Click on the Show link located by the Meta Data Object: seo.



7. Add the meta data for you page.



8. The content shared with social media networks can be customized using the the opengraph Meta Data Object. Click on the Show link to add the opengraph information for your page.



9. Add the opengraph data.



10. Save and check the source code for your page.



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