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This tutorial is going to show you add and modify an existing Web Cube template.

By default the templates reside on the file system the same way your files reside on your computer's hard drive. To edit a template (if the template is not already loaded to the database) we need to make a copy of the template from the file system to the database. Once the template is copied in the database when an HTML page is called on the the user, the Web Cube platform used the template loaded in the database.

For example if I want to edit the templates used by the blog section, how do I know what templates to add to the database so I can edit them? To answer that we compiled a list of templates used by the Web Cube for each section: 

Accounts - Template List

CMS - Template List

E-Commerce - Template List


Now that we know what templates we need to edit let's and a template to the database so we can edit it.


1. Click on the Developers tab.



2. Click on the HTML Templates menu item.



3. Click on the Add template button.



4. Write the path and the Name for the template you would like to add and edit.



5. Leave the Content text box empty for now. This is where the template content will be added once we initiate the save process.



6. Click on the available sites then click on the right arrow to select the sites where this template will become active. With Web Cube you can have multiple sites using the same installation. This feature is helpful when for example your web site needs to serve multiple geographical location (e.g. US and European Union).



7. Click on the Save and continue editing button to load the template from the file system to the database.



8. Go back to the Content section and edit the template.



9. When done with the editing click on the Save button to save the template changes to the database version of the template.

Screen Shot 2013-06-21 at 3.03.14 PM.png




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