Add New CSS and JavaScript using the Site Style

You can easily add new CSS or JavaScript code to your web site by using Site Style


1. To access the Site Style click on the Developers tab.



2. Then click on the Site Style menu item.



3. We ca use the default site style or create a new one by clicking on the Add Site Style button.



4. Once on the site style page we need to provide a title for this style.



5. Next, let's select the site where this style will be applied.



6. Click on the Choose File button to upload a logo for your web site.



7. Click on the Choose File button to upload the sprite for your web site.



8. The Site Style can be used to upload CSS of JavaScript which can be used by the site's templates. The Filename tex field can be used to provide a specific file name.



9. Next, we can add JavaScript which will be used throughout your web site. The content of the script will be called during the $(document).ready.



10. The scripts can be applied in specific order by changing the value in the Order textfield.



11. We can add new CSS to the web site or override existing code using the Site stylesheets section. Same as with the JavaScript the order in which the CSS is applied to the site can be controlled by updating the value in the Order text field.



12. Click on Save when ready to apply the changes.



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