How to: Find a template

This tutorial will show you how to find the template used by an web page element. Let's say that we need to change an element in the home page but we don't know the template name that's being used.


1. First we need to find an element that's unique to this page. In this case I'm using the Google Chrome browser and I'm going to inspect the code that generates the GIFTCARDS image. To do that I right-clicked on the image and  then I clicked on the Inspect Element menu item.



2. Looking at the code I'm assuming that the home_cta_1 alt attribute is unique and I can use it to search for the template I need to edit.



3. Now from the administration interface we need to open the template list page. First let's click on the Developers tab then on the HTML Templates menu item.



4. Now let's search using the templates containing the home_cta_1 alt attribute. For let's type home_cta_1 in the search field, then let's click on the magnifying glass button.



5. In this case the search results show two templates containing home_cta_1. Comparing the code from the templates and the source code for our page we can determine that webcube/index.html is the template we are looking for.


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